January 24, 2017:
TODAY Show segment with InStyle fashion and beauty editor-large- Kahlana Barfield Brown, showcasing Street to Chic styles that are super achievable. Read more.
July 14, 2017:
Curated "Adulting Made Sweet": A mixer/panel discussion about the struggles of adulting. Panel included professionals from media/entertainment industry, including Buzzfeed, MTV and Time Inc. 110+ RSVPS, 60k social media impressions
August 2017: More information on panel/mixer, Leading Ladies, is coming soon.

Images created using Adobe InDesign: "the Norm."

 A magazine proposal for "the normal girl" who is challenged by standards of beauty and seemingly luxurious lifestyles of the new "normal girl," as portrayed by social and mass media. It would make an effort to shatter those stigmas and would analyze beauty and lifestyle through a simple, more realistic perspective. 

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